Living Wall

An attraction unique in Luxembourg is the "Living Wall" in the area of the paddling pool. The interactive aquarium
reacts to the movements of the little ones. The game takes its course when fish, starfish, squid, sunken pirate ships and
treasure chests that open up, come into action.
The highlight is that the children have the opportunity to colour in their own "creature" and make them magically appear
with a scanner on the seafloor.

Colour it and bring it along !

Hi kids,
Click here to download your favourite sea creature, colour it in and bring it along on your next visit. We will then let
it swim in the "Living Wall" aquarium.
Have fun, we look forward to seeing lots of colourful sea creatures.


"The little unknown creature" of the Spraypark

The "star gate" allows children to enter the water playground and discover the universe on 18 different water playground
equipments. By pressing the start button, the exploratory journey into space begins, where the little ones find planets,
big bang jumps, protective umbrellas and meteorites. The children will have a unique experience every time they press
the button.
The little creature whose name we want to find together with the children lives on this water playground.


Space Shuttle-Slide

The main attraction, the only one of its kind in Luxembourg, is the "Space Shuttle" slide, which has been installed next to
the existing slides. The rocket invites to a "sound and light" journey into space. Three people can simultaneously take the
departure on the launch pad. The "flight time" is stopped and a green line illuminates the runway of the winner.