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Plongez dans le plaisir

Whether you come alone, with friends or with your family - immerse yourself into pleasure and let our water spaces invigorate you.

Les Thermes is a lifestyle: Play and have fun or relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, in an unusual place with charming people.

A personal atmosphere combined with attentive hospitality and excellent services gives you time for you and your personal well-being.
Get fit with Vitaly-Fitness  or have a break at Escale Beauté. Experience the holiday vibe all under one roof without having to go away.

The syndicate of the municipalities Strassen and Bertrange - C.N.I. Les Thermes was founded in January 2002. The architectural competition for the construction of this swimming pool was won in June 2004 by the community of architects atelier Jim Clemens, Witry & Witry and Hermann & Valentiny et associés. The construction of this ambitious project started in September 2005. The opening of the complex with more than 1.000 m2 water surface took place in february 2009.



Nico PUNDEL [email protected]
Monique SMIT-THIJS [email protected]
Executive Member C.N.I.
Betty WELTER-GAUL [email protected]
Executive Member C.N.I.
Frank COLABIANCHI [email protected]
Executive Member C.N.I.
Maryse BESTGEN-MARTIN [email protected]
Executive Member C.N.I.
Nicolas KANDEL [email protected]
Executive Member C.N.I.
Frank DEMUYSER [email protected]
Executive Member C.N.I.
Youri DE SMET [email protected]
Management Les Thermes
Jutta KLEIBER [email protected]
Secretary C.N.I.
Georges FRANCK [email protected]
Finance Advisor
Alain KARIGER [email protected]
Claude FEIPEL [email protected]


Constructor Award 2012


EWA Professional Award 2010

European Waterpark Association - EWA Most innovative Waterpark  in Europe 2010


Rue des Thermes

L-8018 Strassen

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Fax: +352 27 03 00 28

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