Aqua Classes

REGISTRATION Aqua Classes October - December 2019

Aqua-Classes: 25th September / 17:00 h / E-Shop

Kids-Classes: 26th September/ 17:00 h / E-Shop

Swimming lessons - How to find the right group ?

Example: Make sure that your child meets the requirements of "Penguin" before you enroll the "Turtle" group. You are not sure about the level? Come and visit us with your child, an instructor can help you with the choice of the right group.

PENGUIN - Beginners 4-5 years
Introduction to the water world, getting used to water. "I can make bubbles and get something out of the pool."

TURTLE - Intermediate 4-5 years
Moving in the water is already possible without water wings. "I can turn between face-down position and the back and I can glide on my back.

DUCK - Advanced 6-7 years
Learning how to swim correctly in different styles. "I know how to swim at least two styles.

FISH - Expert 7-10 years
Perfection of swimming styles. "I have mastered the different swimming styles."

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Intended for all audiences. This new concept is intense, dynamic and in rhythm with the music, gives various fitness results and enjoyment. Different exercises strengthen and slim down the body, boost the muscle tone, increase endurance and maintain a healthy balance.
Booking via E-shop, 25th September 2019 / 17:00 h


Aqua-Gym & Aqua-Fitness

Move your body! The training in the water is gentle on the joints. Also, your muscles will gain in strength due to resistance against the water. You’ll feel great afterwards!
Booking via E-shop, 25th September 2019 / 17:00 h


Private Swimming Lessons

The lessons are taking place on Monday, Thursday and Friday (10 x 30 minutes). Our swimming lessons are aimed at children and adults. The objective is to achieve independance in the water and to learn to swim correctely.
Booking via E-shop, 25th September 2019 / 17:00 h



This course for seniors is healthy and is fun. With aqua gymnastic, the muscles will be mobilized and strengthened, without large stress on the joints. The aging process is delayed and falls within the scope of rehabilitation, the fact of practicing in the water, encourages the healing process. Water gymnastic is one of the best training methods for your health, the well-being and to stay young.
Booking via E-shop, 25th September 2019 / 17:00 h


Swimming lessons

Our swimming lessons are aimed at children. The objective is to achieve independence in the water and to learn swimming.
Booking via E-shop, 26th September 2019 / 17:00 h



This course is for babies and toddlers aged from 3 months to 3 years. It primarily serves to familiarize the little ones with the element of water and it simultaneously has a positive impact on many still-evolving capabilities of your baby.
Booking via E-shop, 26th September 2019 / 17:00 h


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