Aqua & Swimming Classes 2 May - 14 July 2023

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Wednesday, 26. April 2023 // 17h00.



The SAF AQUA Drums Vibes® concept is a unique aqua fitness program that supports workouts with drum rhythms. A fabulous, varied workout who makes a lot of fun. We use equipment that lengthens the upper limbs, thus increasing resistance and training effect. The exercises used are mostly isometric muscle contractions that allow participants to control the movement and increase the intensity of the workout. In addition, the water turbulence generated by the participants creates an additional need for tension of all muscle groups. During this workout, you can surrender to the sounds of rhythmic music and relieve stress without feeling how hard your muscles are working.



The Aqua Zumba course strengthens muscles, improves fitness and is great fun.  The Latin American beat is motivating the movements easy on the joints but still a perfect calorie-burner. Aqua gymnastics in a very special way!



Are you looking for a complete and fun activity? Our Aqua-Circuit is perfect for you! With diverse equipment like bikes, steps, dumbbells, elastics, trampolines, you work on all the different muscle groups (abdominal, back and chest, arms, legs and buttocks). For all those who appreciate the varied work with materials and are looking for an effective result, without choreography!



Intended for all audiences. This new concept is intense, dynamic and in rhythm with the music, gives various fitness results and enjoyment. Different exercises strengthen and slim down the body, boost the muscle tone, increase endurance and maintain a healthy balance.



Move your body! Exercising in the water is gentle on your joints. In other words, your muscles are strengthened by the resistance of the water. You will feel really good!



Aqua-Fitness Okeo Method is an intense cardio, energetic, musical and toning aquatic workout. You learn to use the water to train using the water resistance. Strength and power characterize this new approach.


Private Swimming Lessons (CP)

The lessons last 30 minutes and are intended for children and adults. The objective is to gain independence in the water and learn to swim correctly.



This course for seniors is healthy and is fun. With aqua gymnastic, the muscles will be mobilized and strengthened, without large stress on the joints. The aging process is delayed and falls within the scope of rehabilitation, the fact of practicing in the water, encourages the healing process. Water gymnastic is one of the best training methods for your health, the well-being and to stay young.



This course is for babies and toddlers aged from 3 months to 5 years. It primarily serves to familiarize the little ones with the element of water and it simultaneously has a positive impact on many still-evolving capabilities of your baby.


Swimming lessons

The swimming courses are targeted at children in the ages between 5 and 10 years. The purpose is to achieve independence in the water and to learn or improve swimming.


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