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Dear guests,
Please find attached the recommendation of our "chef de cuisine".

We look forward to your visit in our Wellness Lounge on the 1st floor.


Aufguss June


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Impressions Wellness Area





Infrared rays penetrate into your skin deeply and relax your muscles. The infrared ray vitalizes your cells, your metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the subjective physical well-being. The temperature in an infrared cabin is approximately 35-40°C.

Waasser – Sauna 85 °C, outdoor

At a temperature of 85°C and a humidity of 20-25% you can have a sauna on 2 different levels. The automatical system provides an three times "Aufguss" per hour.

Salz – Sauna 55°C, outdoor

A deep breath of sea air and handmade ergonomically shaped loungers are the highlights in these sauna. With 55°C and a humidity of 40-45% the ambiance responds to a soft relaxing cabine.

Stären - Hamam

The mild temperatures in this steam room of 42-45°C combined with a relative humidity of 100% support the regeneration process of the body. A steam cure with eucalyptus and mint leaves your skin soft and tender, rids your system of toxins and has a healing effect on the respiratory system.

Kraider – Sauna 80°C

Natural herbs are processed in a special pan and a pleasant fragrance is released. The aromatic brew of oil and the scent of fresh hay or fresh herbs are, depending on the combination , either relaxing or stimulating.

Mound – Biosauna 60°C

The bio sauna belongs to the low temperature saunas. With approximately 60°C, humidity of 40% and a special light system it’s the best place to relax. The personal well-being is determined by the time spent in the relaxing atmosphere.

Steng – Sauna 90°C, outdoor

The archetype of the Finnish Sauna: entrenched in the soil, with a cosy atmosphere this sauna allows, despite high temperatures and low humidity, longer stays.

Feier – Sauna 80 °C, outdoor

The fragrance and the cosy crackling of wood fire create a relaxing atmosphere. It is easy to forget the daily routine looking at the flickering light of the fire.

Äerd – Sauna 95°C, outdoor

At a temperature of 95°C and a humidity of 20-25% you can have a sauna on 3 different levels. Natural fragrances stimulate the circulation and help the purification process.

Following traditional sauna etiquette we ask guests to enter sauna and steam room areas in the nude.
Thank you for wearing a bath robe in the Wellness Lounge.


Whirlpool 35°C
Plunge Pool 18°C
Outdoor Pool 31°C
Adventure showers indoor and outdoor
Ice fountain
Winter garden
Wellness Lounge / Sauna-Bar
Towel Rental fee 4.- / Deposit 15.-
Bath robe Rental fee 6.- / Deposit 50.-


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